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Jl. Boulevard Taman Cilegon Indah, Blok B6 No.5A-6 Sukmajaya
Kota Cilegon 42421, Banten – Indonesia
Telp : 0254 395113  Fax : 0254 397034
email : marketing@bantenradio.com

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  1. Hi,

    We are a startup based in Tunisia specialized in web and mobile apps development.
    We want to make a cooperation with your radio station.
    This will be done by signing an agreement with you to include your radio station in our application Mejdoo Radio (No Payement required : 100 % Free ).

    Mejdoo Radio contains radio stations from all over the world. It’s 100 % legal and 100 % free.
    It’s now available in our website, for Android devices and for iOS devices (Smartphones and tablets).

    By signing this agreement :
    – We will get a non exclusive licence to use your radio station in our application.
    – You will have a chance to reach more audience for your radio from all over the world.
    – We will offer you free advertisements of your radio station in our application ( free ads for your social networks pages , free ads for your website and free ads for your official mobile application)

    Our service is totally free and very beneficial for your radio station because our application will be developed soon for other platforms :
    – Smartwatchs (Android Wear , iWatch )
    – Box TV (Android TV / Apple TV)
    – Cars ( Android Auto /Apple CarPlay)
    – Desktop (Windows and Mac OS X)

    These are some links of our projet :

    Feel free to contact us if you are interested to this cooperation.

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